How to Fertilize Trees

In this video we’re going to talk about fertilization, or feeding the trees in the orchard. Plants need food in exactly the same way as we do. Their food comes in the form of mineral elements that are found in the soil. Each element has a different function in the plant. Some promote growth, others promote fruit development while others stimulate leaf growth. We can supplement these elements in the soil using fertilizers.

Each element has an important role to play and should be applied at the right time of year to benefit specific stages of development of the plant.

The timing of the fertilizer application is very important. An interesting point is that by international law farmers must use an expert to determine the farm’s fertilizer needs, they may not choose and apply fertilizers on their own. This is to prevent the polluting of underground water and streams.

We’ll discuss the micro elements in our movie on foliar spray nutrition, so have a look at that one.