Harvesting pome fruit



 Harvesting pome fruit

The farmer has to be absolutely sure that he’s picking his apples and pears at the best possible moment. There are a number of ways to determine this.

The picking action for apples is very important. A bruised or torn apple is of no value as a desert fruit, so picking must be done gently.

Apples will develop up to 10% more sugar after they are picked.

Apples are picked ripe off the tree. However, for some apples, the acid content is quite high and they will not taste sweet.

Determining the correct time to harvest pears is mainly done by pressure testing.

Pear colour development happens early in the season, in the first 4 weeks after blossom, so colour is not an indication of maturity.

As with all fruit types, care must be taken when picking to ensure that apples and pears reach the consumer in the best condition.