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SA Orchard is completely unfunded, we provide this library to the people of Africa in order to uplift and improve farming practices. Please make a donation to support this excellent training library.


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Drip Irrigation

South Africa has a water problem, we regularly have shortages of water. Using a drip system to irrigate an orchard can save a lot of water. Let’s have a look a the way in which drip systems operate.    

To find out more about drip irrigation, view the video below:


General Irrigation

Irrigating the orchard is one of the most critical functions in deciduous fruit growing.   As a plant transpires it gives off water from the leaves and takes up water from the soil to replace what it has lost. The feeder roots take up most of the water and in most deciduous fruit trees the feeder roots will be in the top 30 centimeters of the soil.

To find out more about general irrigation, view the video below:


Micro Irrigation Systems

Micro irrigation systems are an Israeli invention. In simple terms water is pumped through a network of pipes that are fitted with a series of small micro sprinklers to wet the ground.      They provide a very efficient and precise automatic watering system. Most of the modern micro jet systems are short range. Tree roots are generally located under the canopy of the tree.

To find out more about micro sprinkler systems, view the video below: