Orchard Management: Drainage

In this video we look at how the installation of drainage assists in the removal of excessive water from the soil profile.

One can live without water for a few days. Underwater we would drown in a few minutes. The plant is very similar, it cannot live for very long in waterlogged soil. So we use drainage to lower the water table in the soil and to make sure that the roots get enough oxygen.

We see how drainage improves the oxygen content and the bacterial activity in the soil, which is very important. It also assists nutrient uptake by the plant. It reduces the risk of disease, and also reduces the risk of soil compaction. Most importantly it will affect the size… and quality of the crop.

The video demonstrates how a farmer has a much better chance of establishing a successful orchard in a well-drained soil. Deciduous fruit trees will always struggle in badly drained soil. Put a system in when the soil is prepared for a new orchard, and many of those problems will disappear.