Rest Breaking in fruit trees



Orchard Management: Rest Breaking

In this video we look at the way in which a tree goes into a period of rest in Autumn and remains dormant through the winter. It needs to have a certain number of days of cold after which it will wake up on it’s own. We need to do something to artificially wake up the tree. The way that farmers wake their trees is to spray a chemical rest breaking agent onto the tree and in this video we’re going to take a look at rest breaking.

We look at the spray dates which will be determined by :

  • The fruit kind
  • The cultivar,
  • the growing area
  • the orchard situation and various other factors

Failure to break the rest of a tree can cause in a number of negative results.

This video discusses the solutions to prevent those negative results from occurring and also looks at all of the other factors related to this subject .