Converting a tree to the Solaxe shape



Converting a Tree to the Solaxe shape

In this video we’re going to have a look at how to convert an old apple or pear orchard to the solaxe system. We have a movie on the Solaxe system, it’s a good idea to watch that movie before watching this one.

The most common conversion when converting a tree to the Solaxe shape is to take a tree with a central leader and removing branches from the central leader that one would never be able to get below the horizontal

It is possible to convert a tree previously trained into a vase shape to the Solaxe system.

The initial expense to convert the tree is high, but the saving in pruning costs in the following years make the project worthwhile.

Despite all the wood that you take out of the tree, because the light penetration into the tree is so good with the solaxe system you very seldom see a drop in crop in the following year. The crop often stays the same.

Please note that all of our pruning programmes are there to give the general theory related to the pruning activity. Please adapt the information to your own situation and speak to a consultant who can advise you in your orchard if you have further queries.