Pruning a tree to the Solaxe shape



Pruning a tree to the Solaxe shape

The Solaxe system is a tree training system that was developed by the French and is used all over the world with great success. The Solaxe system allows light to reach all parts of the tree and has revolutionised the industry.

Let’s have a look at the way that a tree is trained to the Solaxe shape.

The Solaxe branches are trained downward at an angle that is just below the horizontal.

Never head back into the Solaxe branch as this will stimulate new shoot growth.

Once the Solaxe system is established in the tree, there is very little pruning to do.

It’s important to fill the bearing area allocated to the tree before putting the first crop on the tree. If the tree is cropped too early, the tree will never fill the bearing area allocated to it.

All of our pruning programmes are there to give the general theory related to the pruning activity. Please adapt the information to your own situation and consult a consultant to advise you in your orchard if you have further queries.