Pruning Apple trees



Pruning Apple Trees

In this video we’re going to have a look at the way to prune apple trees. Each variety of apple will have different variations on the Solaxe theme. If you haven’t watched the movie on the Solaxe tree shape, it’s a good idea to have a look at it first.

Some apple varieties bear fruit on the end of the branch. These are known as tip bearers. Other varieties bear their fruit on spurs. It’s important to prune the tree accordingly.

Golden Delicious is a tip bearer with apples growing on one year old wood

Fuji is similar to Golden Delicious, except that cuts are never made into the two year old spurred up wood.

Fuji is similar to Golden Delicious.

Those are the main tip bearing varieties. Please have a look at the video to see the ways in which each variety is pruned.

As trees don’t come from a factory and each variety has its own requirements please note that all of our pruning programmes are there to give the general theory related to the pruning activity. Please adapt the information to your own situation and chat to a consultant who can advise you in your orchard if you have further queries.