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Drainage is the removal of excessive water from the soil profile.   One can live without water for a few days. Underwater we would drown in a few minutes. The plant is very similar, it cannot live for very long in waterlogged soil. So we use drainage to lower the water table in the soil and to make sure that the roots get enough oxygen.  

To find out more about drainage, view the video below:


Stone Fruit Rootstocks

A rootstock is a cutting which is grafted to the above ground section of a plant – which is known as the scion. The rootstock allows the scion to grow in certain soil and climate conditions and imparts favourable growing tendencies to the tree. In this movie we’re going to have a look at stone fruit rootstocks, discuss the reasons for their use, and look at some of the rootstocks that are used in the stone fruit industry for peaches, nectarines and plums.  

To find out more about stone fruit rootstocks, view the video below:


Pome Fruit Rootstocks

Pome fruit rootstocks for commercial use in South Africa are divided into two groups – rootstocks that are used for apples and rootstocks that are used for pear production. They are quite different from each other, but perform very similar functions.  

To find out more about pome fruit rootstocks, view the video below:


Soil Quality

The quality of the soil in the orchard will determine the size and quality of the fruit that will be harvested.  Soil quality depends on its Chemical Condition, its Physical Condition and its Organic condition.

To find out more about soil quality, view the video below:


Soil Preparation

The time will come when old fruit trees no longer perform efficiently and an orchard will have to be removed to make way for new trees. Let’s have a look at the processes used to replace an old orchard with a new one.  

To find out more about soil prearation, view the video below: