Pome Fruit Rootstocks



Pome Fruit Rootstocks

Pome fruit rootstocks for commercial use in South Africa are divided into two groups – rootstocks that are used for apples and rootstocks that are used for pear production. They are quite different from each other, but perform very similar functions.

In this video we discuss the tree characteristics, such as pH tolerance, insect resistance, vigour, increased fruit size and resistance to drought, root pests and provided by the various rootstocks.

A variety of rootstocks may be used for a single cultivar of apple because different rootstocks impart different properties to the tree.

For apples there are a number of rootstocks to choose from. We’ll discuss a few of the more popular apple rootstocks.

Pear rootstocks are very different to apple rootstocks in that pear rootstocks have a distinct interaction with the scion cultivar. The pear rootstock has to be carefully selected to ensure that it is compatible with the scion.

There are some very exciting rootstocks for pome fruit being tested at the moment. Testing of new rootstocks is a time consuming process, but it is vital to be sure that a rootstock will do the job that it’s required to do, before making use of it commercially.