Soil Quality




Soil Quality

The quality of the soil in the orchard will determine the size and quality of the fruit that will be harvested.

In this video we explain how soil quality depends on its Chemical Condition, its Physical Condition and its Organic condition.

The video shows that just as we need to eat, so the plant needs to eat. Its food are the minerals that occur naturally in the ground, nitrogen, potassium, phosphates and others.

If there is not enough food in the soil for the tree, it will suffer.

We discuss conditions that occur when the salt content in the soil of an orchard is high.

We look at the chemistry in the soil, as well as at its physical condition.

We see that in order to be healthy the plant needs fresh water and fresh oxygen. The plants will tell you that your soil is good by looking healthy and providing a good crop.

This is a fascinating video that delves into the soil to reveal its secrets and to expound on the requirements that are needed to produce a quality crop each and every year – and how to attain a healthy soil quality level.