Stone Fruit Rootstocks




Stone Fruit Rootstocks

A rootstock is a cutting which is grafted to the above ground section of a plant – which is known as the scion. The rootstock allows the scion to grow in certain soil and climate conditions and imparts favourable growing tendencies to the tree. In this movie we’re going to have a look at stone fruit rootstocks, discuss the reasons for their use, and look at some of the rootstocks that are used in the stone fruit industry for peaches, nectarines and plums.

We discuss the way that some rootstocks do well in sandy soils and others do well in loamy soils.

Rootstocks can also affect the size and weight of the fruit that will grow on the tree.

We also discuss dwarfing rootstocks.

There are rootstocks for apples, rootstocks for peaches and those for nectarines pears and plums. We look at all of the common rootstocks used in the South African deciduous fruit industry for stone fruit.
Some show great promise and they will be released once they have completed the trial period.