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SA Orchard is completely unfunded, we provide this library to the people of Africa in order to uplift and improve farming practices. Please make a donation to support this excellent training library.


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Chemical Thinning

Fruit trees produce many flowers each year.  If they’re all allowed to develop, each fruit will be small and branches would break due to the weight of so many fruit. So fruit thinning is done. Thinning involves removing flowers or small fruit and leaving a predetermined amount of fruit on each branch. Those that remain will grow into quality fruit of a good size.  

To find out more about chemical thinning, view the video below:


Mechanical Thinning

Over the past century blossom thinning has traditionally been done by hand. Now there are machines that are available to do blossom thinning and in this movie we’re going to have a look at some of the machines on the market.  

To find out more about mechanical thinning, view the video below:


Calculating Fruit Yield per tree

Here Peter Dall gives a hands-on demonstration of how to calculate the crop that will be harvested from the tree. Using modern methods, he presents a fascinating video that makes a confusing issue simple and easy to understand.

To find out more about how to calculate fruit yield per tree, view the video below:


Stone Fruit Thinning

With all thinning, the sooner you can lessen the crop load on the tree, the greater the advantage. The longer one takes to thin, the less the advantage.  Thinning is done to improve the fruit size of the remaining fruit, and to avoid alternate bearing.  

To find out more about stone fruit thinning, view the video below:


Pome Fruit Thinning

Removal of flowers or young, immature fruits early in the spring can lead to increased fruit size by limiting the number of fruits that continue growing on the tree to harvest. We’re going to concentrate on apple and pear thinning in this movie.  

To find out more about pome fruit thinning, view the video below: