Calculating Fruit Yield per tree



Calculating Fruit Yield per tree

Here horticultural expert Peter Dall gives a hands-on demonstration of how to calculate the crop that will be harvested from the tree. Using modern methods, he presents a fascinating video that makes a confusing issue simple and easy to understand.

Thinning is the process of removing buds, flowers or young fruit from a tree in order that the remaining fruit be supplied with the optimum amount of nutrients to grow to optimum size and quality.

The amount of nutrients that pass through the tree are fixed and if too many items of fruit are left to mature, the nutrients will be stretched to provide food to each piece of fruit, with the result that fruit size and quality will be lessened.

The modern deciduous fruit farmer needs to know how many fruit should be left on each branch and what the optimum number of fruit for each tree to hold should be.

This short but fascinating video gives a hands-on look at the way to calculate the amount of fruit to be left on each tree.