Chemical Thinning



Chemical Thinning

Fruit trees produce many flowers each year. If they’re all allowed to develop, each fruit will be small and branches would break due to the weight of so many fruit. So fruit thinning is done. Thinning involves removing flowers or small fruit and leaving a predetermined amount of fruit on each branch. Those that remain will grow into quality fruit of a good size.

There are 3 types of thinning, hand thinning, mechanical thinning and chemical thinning.

In this video we’re going to have al look at the process of chemical thinning.

Many factors influence the effectiveness of chemical thinning agents. We study these factors as well as the type of thinning agents that are used on a modern deciduous fruit farm and cultivar differences which affect the choice of agent to be sprayed.

The chemical thinning recipe is different from orchard to orchard. No two orchards require the same recipe. The time of blossom, the cultivar, the slope, are all factors that will change the recipe. All of these factors are discussed in this video.