Pome Fruit Thinning



Pome Fruit Thinning

This video covers thinning, which is the removal of flowers, buds or young, immature fruits from apple or pear trees early in the spring.

The practice of thinning can lead to increased fruit size by limiting the number of fruits that continue growing on the tree to harvest.

We’re going to concentrate on apple and pear thinning in this movie.

Thinning increases the leaf-to-fruit ratio and removes smaller fruit that would never reach optimum size or quality. Apples, pears, apricots, peaches and plums are almost always thinned until the leaf to fruit ratio is favourable for supporting growth of adequately sized fruits.

Large fruit come from strong flower buds that grew in full sunlight, and on trees that have a favourable leaf to fruit ratio; not too many fruit per branch.

In this video we look at the way in which the tree is manipulated into having just the right amount of crop that will size well and develop adequate flower buds for next year’s crop.