Tree Care

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Tree Care: Growth Control

Tree Care: A most important aspect of fruit production is to get a balance between reproductive and vegetative growth. A tree that is too vegetative is in a happy state, it’s growing lots of leaves and shoots and it doesn’t have the urge to produce offspring, or in other words, many seeds.

The opposite, a tree that doesn’t grow, that is stunted, will produce lots of flowers. It has a strong preservation urge, it wants to produce lots of offspring before it dies.  So to get this balance between vegetative and reproductive growth there are a number of techniques that the farmer can use.  

To find out more about growth control, view the video below:


Sunburn Control

Tree Care: In fruit production in the Western Cape, sunburn is a huge loss factor. Typically with a Granny Smith apple we will lose up to 40 percent of the crop to sunburn. It’s a major loss. Once it gets just a hint of sunburn, just a little bit of yellowing, an apple is sent to the juicing factory where it gets only a third of the price that it would get as a desert fruit.  

To find out more about how to control and prevent sunburn, view the video below:


Trellis Training

Tree Care: Over the past 20 years, techniques of training fruit trees to grow along wire trellises have been developed. The result is an increase in fruit per hectare and much easier management of the tree.  

To find out more about trellis training, view the video below:


Planting Trees

Tree Care:  New trees should be in perfect condition when they are put into the ground. Trees that are suffering from a lack of water, or bruising or other damage can often give problems later, so check each tree carefully before it goes into the ground.  

To find out more about planting trees, view the video below:


The Support Trellis

Tree Care:   As a tree grows in an orchard it needs support. Wind can cause damage to the trunk and can also cause the tree to grow in the wrong direction. To prevent this from happening, the central leader of the young tree is supported.

To find out more about the support trellis, view the video below:


Grafting & Budding

Tree Care:   Grafting and budding take place in an orchard when the farmer wants to change the variety of fruit borne by the trees. To change the variety of apple or pear, grafting will be used 99% of the time. To change variety for stone fruit, 50% of the time grafting will be used and the other 50% the budding technique will be used.

To find out more about grafting and budding, view the video below: