Sunburn Control



Sunburn Control

In this video we look at all the factors relating to sunburn in deciduous fruit.

In fruit production in the Western Cape, sunburn is a huge loss factor. Typically with a Granny Smith apple we will lose up to 40 percent of the crop to sunburn. It’s a major loss.

Once it gets just a hint of sunburn, just a little bit of yellowing, an apple is sent to the juicing factory where it gets only a third of the price that it would get as a desert fruit.

A fruit with just a little sunburn looks fine, goes into the cold store and the damaged cells oxidize and come out of the cold store pitch black, a phenomenon known as ‘cold store scored’.

In the video we see that control of sunburn is directly related to the profit, or the loss, that will be registered at the end of the year.

We discuss exciting new tests being conducted that are designed to reduce sunburn dramatically within the next ten to twenty years.