The Support Trellis



The Support Trellis

In this video we see how support trellis systems, such as the Tatura system and the V-Haage system, are installed and their advantages over traditional methods of growing deciduous fruit.

Over the past 20 years, new techniques of training fruit trees to grow along wire trellises have been developed and introduced.

The result is an increase in fruit per hectare and much easier management of the tree.

We discuss installation and construction of the trellis. If this is not done correctly the trellis could collapse and the crop could end up on the ground.

Training a fruit tree to one of these systems is costly and time consuming. The results though are spectacular.

Harvests are larger and management in terms of pruning, harvesting and spraying is quicker and easier.

Have a look at the movie on the support trellis to see more on the installation of trellis systems.