Growth Control



Tree Care: Growth Control

This video covers ways for a farmer to control the growth tendencies of the trees in an orchard.

A most important aspect of fruit production is to get a balance between reproductive and vegetative growth. A tree that is too vegetative is in a happy state, it’s growing lots of leaves and shoots and it doesn’t have the urge to produce offspring, or in other words, many seeds.

The opposite, a tree that doesn’t grow, that is stunted, will produce lots of flowers. It has a strong preservation urge, it wants to produce lots of offspring before it dies.

So to get this balance between vegetative and reproductive growth there are a number of techniques that the farmer can use.

The general target of controlling the growth patterns of the tree is to bring vegetative growth and fruit formation into an adequate balance.

In this video we look at using the correct rootstock, by pruning correctly, practicing girdling, bending the branches, practicing summer pruning and using a chemical growth retardant such as Regalis to ensure that the farmer has the tools to control growth patterns of the tree and to produce a good crop of quality fruit every year.